Daily Devotionals

The Consolation | 2 Corinthians 1:7

September 21, 2020 • Mark Galvan

In the sufferings we face God is able to come along side us and encourage and strengthen us no matter how strong that suffering and difficulty may be God will always be there to mend our suffering.

Comprehending Scripture | Luke 24:45

September 18, 2020 • Landon Galvan

Pastor Landon encourages to ask God to give us the understanding to comprehend the scriptures!

The God of All Comfort | 2 Corinthians 1:3

September 16, 2020 • Mark Galvan

Pastor Mark reminds us of the importance of memorizing scripture. When the God of all comfort speaks to us through His word, then we can comfort others with that which has comforted us!

The Parable of The Barren Fig Tree | Luke 13:6-9

September 14, 2020 • Landon Galvan

When you feel like manure is continuously being poured out onto your life, don’t lose heart! The Great Vinedresser may just be preparing you for a great harvest and new fruitful season!

Jesus The Sustainer | Psalm 42:1

September 11, 2020 • Mark Galvan

Jesus is the Reservoir of life. We need to come to Him daily to quench the thirst of our soul!

God The Just Judge | Luke 18:1-8

September 9, 2020 • Landon Galvan

Jesus in this passage tell us we should always pray and not lose heart, because our God is the just Judge who is listening and ready to respond!

The Effective Word | Isaiah 55:8-11

September 7, 2020 • Mark Galvan

Pastor Mark encourages us not to lose heart when sharing God's Word with loved ones. His Word has the power to save and will never return void!

Brought Near | Ephesians 2:13

September 4, 2020 • Landon Galvan

By the shed blood of Christ we have been brought near to God and have access to Him anytime ... are you enjoying the nearness we have in Christ?

Victory Over Temptation | 1 Corinthians 10:13

September 2, 2020 • Mark Galvan

Temptation is common but God is faithful to make a way of escape no matter how difficult the temptation is.

God Will Never Leave | Hebrews 13:5

August 31, 2020 • Landon Galvan

We can be satisfied with what we have as believers because we have God with us always!

What is the focus of your life? | Luke 12:13-23

August 28, 2020 • Landon Galvan

Our lives can become so distracted by that which is meaningless. Pastor Landon encourages us to be about God’s riches!

Kingdom Work | 1 John 2:15

August 26, 2020 • Mark Galvan

Pastor Mark encourages us to be involved with the eternal kingdom work of God and not to be distracted while we are here on earth!

Lightwalker | 1 John 1:5

August 24, 2020 • Mark Galvan

When we sin it's important we remember to confess it was wrong and destructive for us and then turn from that sin and walk in the Light of Christ.

Jesus The Rock | Matthew 16:13-18

August 21, 2020 • Landon Galvan

The gates of hell will not conquer the church because we have Jesus! He is our Rock foundation. Let us stand firm on Him, sharing His truth during these unprecedented times!

A Mighty Savior Among Us | Zephaniah 3:17

August 19, 2020 • Landon Galvan

The Lord delights in us. Therefore let’s make sure we take time each day to hear what He has planned for our lives!