Christ the King

Offense & Forgiveness

Matthew 18:15-22 • October 29, 2019 • Mark Galvan

Has someone offended you? Do you struggle with forgiveness? God has a plan for offense and forgiveness.

Stumbling Blocks & God's Power to Save

Matthew 18:5-14 • October 24, 2019 • Mark Galvan

In this portion of Scripture we see God's concerns for stumbling blocks and His mission to save that which is lost. This is illustrated in the parable of the lost sheep.

Jesus Pays Taxes

Matthew 17:22-18:5 • October 17, 2019 • Mark Galvan

Jesus teaches Peter a valuable lesson by paying his temple tax.

Jesus Heals a Lunatic

Matthew 17:5-21 • October 10, 2019 • Mark Galvan

At the beginning of the study we recap the account of what happened at the Mount of Transfiguration. But following this mountaintop event was a valley filled with religious pharisees and a lunatic.

The Mount of Transfiguration

Matthew 16:24-28 • October 3, 2019 • Mark Galvan

The Mount of Transfiguration is a pivotal point in the ministry of Jesus and the life of the disciples. Listen to this study to see how it impacts your life.

The Most Important Question

Matthew 16:13-23 • September 26, 2019 • Mark Galvan

In this study, Pastor Mark looks at one of the most important questions asked by Jesus, "Who do you say that I am". Peter who responds with the correct answer is rebuked only moments later, a great reminder to us that failure doesn't exempt us from being used by God.

Seeking a Sign

Matthew 16:1-12 • September 19, 2019 • Mark Galvan

In this portion of Scripture we see the Pharisees and Sadducees seeking a sign from Jesus. They were absolutely blindsided to the reality of God right in front of them.


Matthew 15:22-39 • September 12, 2019 • Mark Galvan

As Pastor Mark reviews the feeding of the four thousand, he focuses on the compassion that was displayed by Jesus Christ.

Jesus Crossing Borders

Matthew 15:21-31 • September 5, 2019 • Mark Galvan

In this study, we see an interesting conversation between Jesus and a Gentile woman that leads to a miraculous healing and a marveled Savior. Jesus crosses over social and racial borders to reach this woman and many others.

Jesus Faces Tradition

Matthew 14:34-15:20 • August 29, 2019 • Mark Galvan

Sinking in a Storm

Matthew 14:22-33 • August 22, 2019 • Mark Galvan

Matthew 14:1-21

August 15, 2019 • Mark Galvan

Kingdom Parables Part II

Matthew 13:24-46 • August 1, 2019 • Mark Galvan

Matthew 12:39-50

July 18, 2019 • Mark Galvan

Matthew 12:25-42

July 11, 2019 • Mark Galvan