Thanksgiving Service

The Life of Jonah

November 21, 2017 • Mark Galvan • Give Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, Pastor Mark reminds us that no matter what we've gone through we can give thanks to the Giver. A quick overview of the Life of Jonah reminds us that Jonah was in a place of hopelessness, and helplessness, but once Jonah put his eyes back on Jesus he was able to give thanks and everything changed for him. Jonah gave sacrifice with a voice of thanksgiving.

Morning Devotions | Pray Continually

June 4, 2020 • Landon Galvan

In this mornings devotion, Pastor Landon reminds of us of the power of prayer.

Morning Devotions | Dealing with Uncertainty

June 3, 2020 • Ed Glaze

In this mornings devotion, Ed Glaze encourages us in how to deal with uncertainty.

Morning Devotions | Feeling Stuck?

June 2, 2020 • Tyler Bacquet

Do you feel stuck? Is life stagnant? Today we see how Jesus is able to transform us with His electrifying grace!