Book of Amos

Overview of the Book of Amos - AMOS 1-9

April 27, 2023 • Pastor Ron Brav • Amos

·        Amos is not a large book, only nine chapters consisting of 146 verses and 2,042 words. ·        However, in spite of its small size, it has been the object of intense study.

Amos’s Visions Of The Future Of God’s People - Amos 7-9

April 20, 2023 • Pastor Ron Brav • Amos 7—9

THE PLAGUES (7:1-9; 8:1–9:10) Describe five visions received by Amos, all dealing with God’s judgment on Israel.

Seek Good And Not Evil - Amos 5:1-6:14

April 13, 2023 • Pastor Ron Brav • Amos 5—6

Amos makes one final plea, urging his people to repent.

The Cost of Israel’s Unrepentance - Amos 4:1–13

April 6, 2023 • Pastor Ron Brav • Amos 4

This is Amos’s Second Sermon (4:1-13) It pictures God’s Judgment on all unrepentant people: Which is due to their Selfishness, Stubbornness, and Hypocritical Worship.

Listen to The Word of God or Else

March 25, 2023 • Pastor Ron Brav • Amos 3

Listen to What God Says or Else Amos 3:1–15 Thursday Night March 23, 2023

God’s Message To The Nations: Judgment Is Coming Like A Roaring Lion - Amos 1:1–2:16

March 16, 2023 • Pastor Ron Brav • Amos 1—2

Chapters 1-2 of Amos begin with a vision divine wrath falling upon certain nations.

Introduction to the Book of Amos

February 23, 2023 • Pastor Ron Brav • Amos

The book of Amos forecasts disaster for the northern kingdom of Israel in the form of Assyrian invasion and exile as a result of entrenched religious hypocrisy and social injustice. The prophet also calls the people to repentance and promises hope for the future in the form of messianic restoration and blessing.