Song Of Solomon 6 | "The Dance Of Two Camps" | Sunday Morning Worship Service

March 26, 2023 • Abraham Moreno • Song of Songs 6

Many of us, we cry out to the Father Save our Family, give us unity again, because a rift was created within your physical family when you came to Christ.

I've learned that I can not argue someone into the kingdom of God, I can not force someone to be saved, I can not do it for them. Then what do I do? 

1. Follow Jesus' example of how He dealt with his own unbelieving family.

2. Be the most genuine Bride of Christ that you can be. Notice what she does in this chapter. 

“BACKSLIDING USA” | Jeremiah 3 | Wednesday Night Prayer and Worship

May 15, 2024 • Abraham Moreno • Jeremiah 3

“BACKSLIDING USA” | Jeremiah 3 |  Pastor Abraham's sermon "BACKSLIDING USA" | Jeremiah 3 issues a stark warning to contemporary America, drawing parallels to ancient Judah's moral decline. Through vivid imagery and scriptural insights, he highlights the dangers of idolatry and backsliding, urging listeners to heed the lessons of history before it's too late. With passionate urgency, he calls for a revival of repentance and humility before God, challenging individuals to acknowledge their sins and turn back to the true path. This prophetic message serves as a poignant wake-up call to a nation teetering on the brink of spiritual collapse. #BackslidingUSA, #Jeremiah3, #MoralDecline, #Idolatry, #RepentanceRevival, #SpiritualAwakening, #DivineWarning, #NationalRepentance, #PropheticMessage, #JudahsLesson, #AmericanSociety, #GodlyHumility, #ReviveOurNation, #SpiritualReckoning, #CulturalShift, #ModernIdolatry, #NationalChastisement, #ScripturalWisdom, #DivineHealing, #GodsMercy.

the Mother's Impact | 2 Timothy 1:5 | Sunday Morning Worship Service

May 12, 2024 • Abraham Moreno • 2 Timothy 1:5

"The Mother’s Impact" sermon emphasizes the profound influence that mothers have on their children, particularly in spiritual and moral development. Drawing from Proverbs 1:8, the message underscores the unique and nurturing bond between a mother and her child, which ideally positions mothers to impart faith and godly principles. The narrative of Eunice and Lois from the New Testament exemplifies how maternal guidance deeply roots children in faith, illustrated through the story of Timothy who becomes a pivotal Christian figure due to his mother's and grandmother's teachings. The sermon encourages mothers to persist in their critical role as both nurturers and spiritual guides, emphasizing the lasting impact of their dedication on future generations.

“Meant for Better Things” | Hebrews 6:1-12 | Sunday Morning Worship Service

May 5, 2024 • Abraham Moreno • Hebrews 6:1–12

“Meant for Better Things” | Hebrews 6:1-12 "Meant for Better Things" addresses the prevalent issue of spiritual immaturity among Christians, identifying the lack of growth in faith and relationship with Christ as a critical concern. This sermon, rooted in Hebrews 6:1-12, explores the causes of this stagnation, such as a reluctance to mature, influence of negative examples, and a fundamental misunderstanding of scriptural teachings. The message emphasizes the importance of deepening one's understanding of fundamental Christian doctrines—salvation, Christian living, and eschatology—to avoid spiritual decay and ensure a fulfilling Christian life. It challenges believers to move beyond elementary teachings and embrace the full depth of their faith, highlighting that spiritual growth is crucial for experiencing the "better things" that accompany salvation. The sermon calls for a rejection of passive spirituality and encourages an active pursuit of a mature, robust faith that withstands cultural shifts and personal trials. #SpiritualGrowth, #ChristianMaturity, #Hebrews6, #BetterThings, #FaithAndPatience, #DeeperInFaith, #Repentance, #EternalJudgment, #ResurrectionHope, #ScripturalFoundations, #GrowInChrist, #MatureFaith, #LivingFaith, #Eschatology, #DoctrineOfBaptisms, #TrueFaith, #ChristOurRock, #AnchorInChrist, #DeepeningFaith, #BiblicalTeachings