Prophecy Update 2021-03-21

The Devil is in the Details

March 21, 2021 • J.D. Farag

Pastor JD talks about the well-known idiom of, “The Devil is in the Details” from a prophetic perspective concerning what’s happening in the world today.

Prophecy Update 2021-04-18

Satanic Propaganda • April 18, 2021 • J.D. Farag

Pastor JD explains both how and why the satanic propaganda prevalent today, is being met with an astonishing success.

Prophecy Update 2021-04-04

Coming to a Head • April 4, 2021 • J.D. Farag

Pastor JD talks about how that everything happening in the world today, is now coming to a head, exactly as Bible prophecy tells us it will at the time of the end.

Prophecy Update 2021-03-28

Sitting On The Fence • March 28, 2021 • J.D. Farag

Pastor JD addresses the problem of those who don’t know who or what to believe with all the differing opinions.