The Secret

A Study Through the Song of Solomon

The Secret: Attraction

August 21, 2016 • Doug Sauder • Song of Songs

We are all looking to fulfill our deepest longing, to be loved and to be known. In this week's message, Pastor Doug Sauder introduces us to Song of Solomon 1 where he lays the foundation for healthy relationships. He exhorts us to look at the marriage relationship through the lens of Scripture, not through romanticism, media, or fear of our experiences.

The Secret of Dating

August 28, 2016 • Doug Sauder • Song of Songs

How do you know if the person you’re with is really “the one?” This weekend as we continued our study through the Song of Solomon, Pastor Doug Sauder explained that dating is a time of evaluation and practice as you develop and build the kind of relationship required for a healthy marriage.

The Secret: Attraction and Courtship

August 31, 2016 • Pastor Doug and Suzanne Sauder • Song of Songs

No matter what your relationship status is—whether your single, in a relationship, or married—the Word of God has some incredible principles for us to look at when it comes to attraction and courtship. In this midweek message, Pastor Doug and Suzanne Sauder share their personal story and leave us with four examples of what a godly courtship looks like.

The Wedding and The Honeymoon

September 4, 2016 • Doug Sauder • Song of Songs

The wedding day has finally arrived! Solomon and his bride prepare for the most important part of their relationship: marriage. In this teaching, Pastor Doug Sauder shares from Song of Solomon chapters 3 and 4. Here we learn four important principles that define a healthy intimate relationship: respect, love, sexually intimacy, and holiness.

The Secret of Conflict (Fight To Win)

September 11, 2016 • Skip Heitzig • Song of Songs

What do you do when the honeymoon ends and the reality of two sinners under one roof hits? Continuing “The Secret” series through Song of Solomon, Pastor Skip Heitzig and his wife Lenya of Calvary Chapel Albuquerque explain what to do as conflict arises in marriage, share what they’ve learned over their 30+ years of marriage, and provide practical tips for conflict resolution

The Secret: Conflict Recovery

September 14, 2016 • Reuben and Priya Ramsaran • Song of Songs

In this teaching, Pastor Reuben Ramsaran digs into the realities of conflict in our relationships. Joined by his wife Priya midway through the teaching, together they share how to go about recovering from the inevitable challenges couples, comprised of two imperfect people, are destined to experience.

The Secret: Maintaining Intimacy

September 18, 2016 • Frank Ramseur

Life is essentially the sum of our choices. In order to help us make good and Godly decisions, guest speaker, Frank Ramseur, encourages us to filter out bad decisions by considering how our choices will affect our relationship with God, our family, our work, and our ministry. Within that paradigm, we see that maintaining intimacy with one’s spouse is critical to sustaining a balanced, healthy life.

The Secret: Maintaining Intimacy in your Marriage

September 21, 2016 • Greg Anderson • Song of Songs

Continuing our study on love and relationships, Community Groups Pastor Greg Anderson dives into the story of David and Bathsheba and gives us a deep look at intimacy and how it is essential to both spiritual and relational health. Joined by his wife Joannie midway through the teaching, together they share their experiences and provide practical advice on how to maintain intimacy in relationships.

The Secret The Mystery

September 25, 2016 • Doug Sauder

Wrapping up our six-week study “The Secret: A Study Through the Song of Solomon,” Pastor Doug Sauder uncovers the great mystery of the gospel. He also teaches us that the Song of Solomon is not about a human relationship, rather it’s a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for the Church. The marriage relationship is a picture of our relationship with Christ and how we can grow in love, intimacy, and satisfaction every day in Him.