Family Christmas

Christmas 2015

Family Tree

December 13, 2015 • Doug Sauder

Though most people would agree that family can drive us crazy, it still drives us. Why? Because family gives us identity and helps shape our legacy. This weekend, Pastor Doug kicked off our "Family Christmas" series teaching how even though our family may be broken, God has a remedy for our misshapen identity and out scarred legacy: Jesus.

The Insiders

December 16, 2015 • Doug Sauder

Pastor Doug continues our short series titled "A Family Christmas.” Starting with the genealogy of Jesus in the Book of Matthew, we learn one very important fact: Family is important to God. Doug proves this as he takes us through the lives of the early patriarchs, from Abraham to Judah, to see how God fulfills His purposes through flawed families.

The Outsiders

December 20, 2015 • Doug Sauder

You may find things in your family tree that bring embarrassment and shame. Similarly, Jesus came from a long lineage of imperfect men and women, yet God didn't choose to edit their stories. Let this be a reminder to us that when Jesus came, He came to make all things new. God invites us to be grafted into His family tree . . . a tree that looks a lot like the cross.

Gods Dream

December 24, 2015 • Doug Sauder

Have you ever felt like your dreams were lost, broken, or dead? This Christmas Eve, Pastor Doug wraps up our "Family Christmas" series reminding us that God's dreams are bigger than the dreams we could imagine for ourselves. Christmas is about the fulfillment of God's dream—sending his Son Jesus as a remedy for our broken dreams.