The Mountain

Genesis 22

August 4, 2019 • Doug Sauder • Genesis 22

Continuing our “Origins: The Promise” series through Genesis, Pastor Doug shares a powerful word from Genesis 22. In this message, we'll break down one of the most fascinating and profound stories in the entire Bible: the binding of Isaac, how it points to Jesus, and how we can walk in faith as Abraham did.

Origins of the Promise

May 26, 2019 • Doug Sauder • Genesis 12, Hebrews 11

Kicking off part two of “Origins,” our three-part summer series through the Book of Genesis, Pastor Doug takes us through the call of Abram found in Genesis 12.

The Choice

June 2, 2019 • Doug Sauder • Genesis 13—14, Hebrews 7

In week two of our "Origins: The Promise" series, Pastor Doug shares a powerful word about choices. Working through Genesis 13 and 14, we discover six ways that our choices eventually become our destiny.

Jesus is Better

June 5, 2019 • Bobby Bemis

In this message, Fort Lauderdale campus worship leader Bobby Bemis shares from Genesis 14 as we discover who Jesus is as priest, king, and prophet!