Lake Arrowhead 2017

All Youth Summer Retreat

Friday, June 30th - Sunday, July 2nd • $160 / $50 deposit

As Summer is quickly approaching we are so excited to bring you the 2017 summer retreat!! We are staying in a brand new location up in Lake Arrowhead. This camp has plenty to offer from the lake, to on-site activities, and the all-day available drink machines. Join us for three days filled with Jesus, food, time with one another, and messages encompassing the power of the cross. If you have never been to a retreat or are new to the ministry this is the perfect time to get involved. We encourage you to come as we spend time in the word, grow closer to each other, and most importantly to God. We are praying God would speak to you and prepare you for this retreat and reveal to you exactly what he wants you to know about him!

This is why we trust the Bible

This Is Why Series • September 15, 2019 • Isaac Douglas

Truth is our foundation for our faith, but how do we know the Word is really true? Isaac Douglas from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace shares with us an insightful message on surveying the proof for the truth that the Bible is God's Word.

This is why apologetics is so important

This Is Why Series • September 8, 2019 • Pastor Josh Terada

Have you ever wondered what "apologetics" means? And why they are even important? It's a big word but it has even bigger importance. Put on your thinking caps, and lets dig into 1 Peter 3:15 with Pastor Josh together.


Tournament of the Year Lower-Classmen Nominee