The Outreach Report for Jesus Festival 2017

Comissioned to our community

JFEST was an unbelievable success! We were hoping and praying that God would move in a mighty way, and He answered our prayers. Altogether, there were between 110 and 140 kids in attendance each day, over 60 volunteers, and 87 professions of faith. Thank you so much to all who volunteered, donated, or prayed for this year's JFEST. God's name was glorified and Jesus' love was proclaimed!

Representing Jesus right now

June 3, 2020 • Pastor Josh and Darrell

A touch from Jesus

May 31, 2020 • Pastor Josh and Darrell

What should I do when I fall?

Psalm 51 • May 27, 2020

Have you ever fallen into sin? Here is the next step to getting back up with God.