JFest Supply Drive

Donate Cases of Water Bottles and Candy for a Good Cause!

Jesus Festival 2017

On Sunday June 25th, we will hold a Bake & Tamale sale at CCEA to raise funds to help cover the costs of the outreach. If you could contribute by cooking or baking, be sure to bring them to CCEA that day. (Also do your best to spread the word about the sale, by telling others about the Jesus Festival!

This is why apologetics is so important

This Is Why Series • September 8, 2019 • Pastor Josh Terada

Have you ever wondered what "apologetics" means? And why they are even important? It's a big word but it has even bigger importance. Put on your thinking caps, and lets dig into 1 Peter 3:15 with Pastor Josh together.


Tournament of the Year Lower-Classmen Nominee

Steven & Noah

Tournament of the Year Lower-Classmen Nominee