Danielle Aviles

Student Intern

High School Freshmen

Why I serve as an intern... I serve as an intern because it was a special opportunity to serve in the youth ministry that was offered to me. When a special opportunity comes your way, you should not always run and be eager to take it, it's important to pray and seek God's guidance first. And this was definitely something I felt the Lord calling me to do. I hope to continue to grow more in my walk with God as I have been and growing in learning to serve more in this ministry. I hope that God continues to work in me in mighty ways and use me through this. It has been a big blessing so far to serve alongside so many wonderful people.

What the Bible Says About Happiness

What the Bible Says Series • May 8, 2019 • Pastor Darrell Chambers

What does it mean to be happy and how can we become happier according to God's word? Give this message from our High School Midweek service a listen and find out.

Do I Really Know Jesus?

Luke 13:22-35 • May 12, 2019 • Pastor Josh Terada

Just because we go to church, serve in God's name, know a lot about the Bible, and are good people does not mean we know Jesus. Then what kind of relationship with Jesus does it take to make it into heaven? Listen to this 30 minute message and find out!

This was amazing

Mother's Day Sunday • May 12, 2019

Mother’s Day Sunday was an amazing day for us to come together to honor our moms. We painted pots and planted poppy flower seeds in them to give to our moms, and we also helped to put on a photo booth for all the families of our church. It was such a blessing to see our beautiful families at the Photo Booth this weekend. Our students on the Social Media Team did such a great job helping Pastor Josh run the booth. All in all, this was an amazing day!