Guest Speakers

Pastor Barry Stagner

March 19, 2023 • Pastor Barry Stagner • Revelation 6:1–6

Guest Speaker Pastor Barry Stagner shares a message about world events and how they relate to Bible Prophecy, specifically, the Four Horsemen mentioned in the Book of Revelation. If we can see the day approaching and hear the sound of the horsemen, Jesus is coming for us soon!

Tate Cox

March 15, 2023 • Tate Cox • 2 Timothy 3:10—4:5

Deception and deceivers have existed since the beginning of time, with Satan being the ultimate deceiver. Since the Garden of Eden, Satan has been determined to lead people astray from God's teachings. Even today, Satan's objective remains unchanged - he wants people to reject the Word of God and create their version of truth. The only way to avoid falling for this world's empty and meaningless philosophies is to hold fast to the absolute truth of the Bible. We must cling to the Scriptures as the world relentlessly attempts to sway us from the truth they contain.

Ray Comfort

March 12, 2023 • Ray Comfort • Psalm 128

Special Guest Ray Comfort shares with us a message on how we can have a healthy fear of God that causes us to depart evil and share the Gospel with a dying world.

Pastor Shadrach Means

January 15, 2023 • Pastor Shadrach Means • Matthew 16:13–20

Pastor Shadrach walks us through the Person of Christ, the Work of Christ, and what we are to do once we enter the door of salvation.

Answers to Tough Questions About Hell

January 8, 2023 • Charlie Campbell • Matthew 25:31–41

In this teaching, Charlie answers several of the tough questions and objections that atheists and skeptics bring up concerning the Bible’s teaching on Hell.

The White Rose Resistance

November 13, 2022 • Seth Gruber • Hosea 4:6

We see in God's Word that He cares deeply about the life of children, and He makes no distinction between life inside or outside of the womb.


November 9, 2022 • Pastor Joel Pickett • 1 Corinthians 15:58

Regardless of victory, loss, dark or light - whatever may come, you and I are to be UNMOVED.

Silence Equals Consent

October 26, 2022 • William Federer • Proverbs 13:22

Join us as guest speaker William Federer shares a special message, "Silence Equals Consent."

The Tree of Life

October 2, 2022 • Amir Tsarfati • Genesis 2:8–9

Special guest speaker Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel speaks on the Tree of Life, who He is and what the significance of this name means to us.

Advancing the Kingdom

September 18, 2022 • Chad Williams • Exodus 3:1–14

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Chad Williams encourages Christians to lay down there life for their friend and step out and share the Gospel.


September 14, 2022 • Pastor Joel Pickett • Jude 17–25

Join us for a message from Pastor Joel Pickett.

Pastor Shadrach Means

August 31, 2022 • Pastor Shadrach Means • Galatians 6:1–10

Join us for a message from Pastor Shadrach as he clarifies what the church should be.

Tate Cox

August 3, 2022 • Tate Cox • Isaiah 40:27–31

Pastor Joel Pickett

July 31, 2022 • Pastor Joel Pickett • Genesis 1:26–27

Pastor Dennis Hostetler

July 31, 2022 • Pastor Dennis Hostetler