January 2022

A Holy Spirit Reset (1/23/22)

January 23, 2022 • Pastor Chad Gilligan • Acts 1

Before tackling your next challenge, stop and reset. A reset focuses your mind, settles your emotions, and prepares your heart for God’s will in your life. Without taking a moment today to reset, you may not be ready for tomorrow's struggles and difficulties. On Sunday, January 23, 2022, Pastor Chad Gilligan encourages us to reset with the Holy Spirit.

Leave It Behind (1/16/22)

January 16, 2022 • Pastor Chad Gilligan • John 4:1–42

Sometimes we get so comfortable in our lives that we don’t even realize what a mess it’s become. Whether it’s from our past baggage, poor relationships, or even religion, our lives get so cluttered that it hinders our relationship with Jesus. If we want to experience a reset in our lives, we must first leave our mess behind. On Sunday, January 16, 2022, Pastor Chad Gilligan continues his sermon series, RESET, with the story of the Woman at the Well.

Now My Eyes Have Seen You (1/9/22)

January 9, 2022 • Pastor Chad Gilligan • Job 42:1–6

Too often, we take our spiritual health for granted—just content to go through life as status quo. But God has so much more for you than the status quo! He has amazing and vast plans for you! And if we don't stop to realign our focus and spiritually reset, we could miss out. On Sunday, January 9, 2022, Pastor Chad Gilligan begins his new sermon series, RESET.