Under Pressure

October & November 2017

Thank You, Jesus (11/26/17)

November 26, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

If you are searching for contentment in your life, begin with a grateful heart. When you take time to thank God for what He has already given you, you find strength, purpose, and grace. On Sunday, November 26, 2017, Pastor Chad shows us the importance of thanking God.

What To Do With A Divine Appointment (11/19/17)

November 19, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

Sometimes, we find ourselves exactly where we do not want to be. Circumstances seem to be fighting against us. However, if we take our focus off of our own priorities, we may discover that God is actually leading us to an greater opportunity. On Sunday, November 19, 2017, Pastor Chad Gilligan speaks on how to recognize a divine appointment and what to do as we follow God's leading.

Message Of A Martyr (11/12/17)

How to handle the pressure of being done wrong. • November 12, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

Life is unfair. No matter how charming, clever, rich, or right you are, people will wrong you. People will accuse you. People will judge you unfairly. But it's how you respond that defines who you are. On Sunday, November 12, 2017, Pastor Chad Gilligan continues his story on the book of Acts on how to handle the pressure of being done wrong.

A Gentle Whisper (11/5/17)

November 5, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

Even after experiencing the highest of highs, we can be suddenly and unexpectedly thrown into the lowest of valleys. Forced into fear, depression, discouragement, we can't see our way out of the darkness that surrounds us. On Sunday, November 5, 2017, Pastor Chad Gilligan takes a break from the book of Acts and shows us that even in our worst times of disappointment God is there.

Wednesday Night Bible Study (11/1/17)

Three Qualifications For Leadership • November 1, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

As the early church grew, the disciples faced new challenges with a diverse set of needs. In order to not hinder the growth and ministry of the church, the disciples set into motion the same leadership principles we still use today. On Wednesday, November 11, 2017, Pastor Chad discusses what to do when faced with dilemmas and how to apply leadership lessons from the early church.

Reformation Revelation (10/29/17)

The Five Solas • October 29, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

Over 500 years ago, Martin Luther challenged the corruption of the church, translated God's Word for the common man, and helped establish biblical tenets of faith for the Protestant Church. On Sunday, October 29, 2017, Pastor Chad Gilligan takes a look at the history of the Reformation and the foundational truths that still apply today.

Under Pressure Do’s and Don'ts (10/22/17)

Six Under Pressure Do’s and Don'ts • October 22, 2017 • Pastor Bill McGinnis

We face pressure every day. How we handle that pressure makes all the difference. By looking at how the early church handled the pressure in their lives, we can learn better how to handle the stresses of our own. On Sunday, October 22, 2017, Pastor Chad Gilligan continues our journey through the Book of Acts in this new series of messages called Under Pressure.