One Small Step

August-September 2021

One Small Step: Unbelief (9/5/21)

September 5, 2021 • Pastor Chad Gilligan • Mark 9:14–27

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed and helpless? You are utterly defeated, and there's nothing you can do and nowhere to go for help. During those difficult times, it's important to not give up and not give into doubt. On Sunday, September 5, 2021, Pastor Chad Gilligan encourages us to take one small step during times of unbelief.

One Small Step: Healing (8/29/21)

August 29, 2021 • Pastor Chad Gilligan • Mark 5:24–34

If we want to see God move in our life, if we want to experience something miraculous, it sometimes requires a step of faith from us. It sometimes requires us to go beyond our comfort zone and reach out to the only One who can heal us. On Sunday, August 29, 2021, Pastor Chad encourages us to take the first step of faith and see what God can do.