The Room in Scott Hall 217 (6/4/17)

Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer

June 4, 2017 • Pastor Bill McGinnis

If we want the presence of God in our lives, we most devote ourselves to a lifestyle of prayer. Finding time to pray may not always be easy, but when we commit ourselves to spend time with God, He responds! On Sunday, June 4, 2017, Pastor Bill McGinnis gives us strategies on developing our prayer life.

Life-Giving Legacy (1/7/18)

How To Leave A Life-Giving Legacy • January 7, 2018 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

Right now, no matter your age or who you are, you are creating a legacy. Your words and actions today will have lasting impact on those around you. You decide how people will remember you, whether it will it be for your consistency of character or selfish pursuits. On Sunday, January 7, 2018, Pastor Chad Gilligan continues from his study on the book of Acts and gives us steps on how to leave a life-giving legacy.

New Year's Prayers (12/31/17)

Four Prayers For A New Year • December 31, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

As you look forward to the new year, what kind of expectations do you have for 2018? Have you already made up your mind on how it's going to go? And what does God want for you? On Sunday, December 31, 2017, Pastor Chad Gilligan gives us 4 ways to pray as we prepare our hearts and minds for the challenges and opportunities of the New Year.

Christmas at Calvary (12/24/17)

December 24, 2017 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

Every year, the same story is told: the long journey, no room in the inn, the virgin birth, a baby in a manger. Christmas is a cool story that is worth telling over and over again, but it remains only a story until you meet and experience Jesus and that experience goes beyond Christmastime. During Calvary's Christmas Services, Pastor Chad Gilligan speaks on the deliberate gift of God’s love: His Son, Jesus, and the restorative life change He brings.