MORE (6/3/18)

God wants to do abundantly MORE in and through your life.

June 3, 2018 • Pastor Matt Ford & Pastor Jay Heiss • Ephesians 3:14-20

Don't settle for less! God wants to do abundantly MORE in and through your life! When we are intentional about knowing His love, following His leading, and taking root in His truth, God is able to bless us more than we can ever imagine. On Sunday, June 3, 2018, Pastor Matt Ford and Pastor Jay Heiss preach about getting MORE from your relationship with God.

Missions Summit (9/15/19)

Three Ways that You Can Practice Saying Yes to God. • September 15, 2019 • Leah Lorann

Missionaries are normal, everyday people who said yes when they saw need and opportunity. On Sunday, September 15, 2019, Serve Director Leah Lorann kicked off Missions Summit by showing how you can be a missionary in your everyday life.

Let's Talk About...God's Presence (9/8/19)

September 8, 2019 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

Whether it be from difficult personal responsibilities to cultural and social adversity, we face challenges and opposition all around us and in varying degrees. If we want to live victoriously in who we are and what God has called us to be, we need to consciously make a commitment to spend time in God’s presence On Sunday, September 8, 2019, Pastor Chad Gilligan concludes his sermon series, Let’s Talk About, by speaking on the importance of God’s presence in our lives.

First Wednesday (9/4/19)

September 4, 2019 • Pastor Chad Gilligan

On Wednesday, September 4, 2019, Pastor Chad Gilligan speaks on Jesus' teachings about the Holy Spirit that we often forget.