The Church that Prays Together

The Principles of Powerful Prayer

Acts 12 • February 4, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat

What kind of prayer is God looking for?

What We Believe About Prayer Matters

January 28, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat

What do our lives and our practices reveal about what we believe about God? Prayer matters, and what we believe about prayer is essential to our relationship with God.

Why We Should Pray Together

Acts 6 • January 21, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat

The Call to Prayer

Isaiah 55:1–3 • January 14, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat

As we kick off a series on Prayer, we see from Isaiah 55:1-5 and Luke 18:1-8 that God invites us into His presence and to have a relationship with him through prayer.