Let Justice Roll Down


Seek the LORD and Live

Amos 5:1-17 • March 18, 2018 • Dr Dave Barker

Our series in Amos finishes with a challenge and admonition. Amos inserts four lifelines to the church that give us hope - four lifelines on how to seek the Lord and live.

Let Justice Roll Down

Amos 5:18-27 • March 11, 2018 • Dr Dave Barker

Social justice is close to the heart of God because how we treat others is a reflection of God's mercy to us. Dr Dave Barker continues the series on Amos by looking at God's justice and grace.

Springing the Trap

Amos 1 – 2 • March 4, 2018 • Dr Dave Barker

Dr Dave Barker (Heritage Seminary) joins us for a three-week series in the book of Amos. Amos was a farmer and a prophet sent to the big city to pronounce God's judgment on the injustices of the time. This series is an important one as we look around our own community and grasp how we ought to live in a way that reflects the gospel of Jesus Christ.