Embrace Wisdom Instead of Foolishness

Proverbs 2–4

October 21, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat • Fool-Proofing Your Life

Embracing wisdom means embracing stability and serenity for the life-long journey ahead. Listen as Pastor Aaron continues the Fool-Proofing Your Life series based out of the book of Proverbs.

The Beautiful Side of Wisdom

Proverbs 31 • November 18, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat

Proverbs 31: an unattainable standard for wisdom, or a biblical picture of wise living?

Setting the Record Straight About Proverbs

November 11, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat

Proverbs are precious promises from God. Or are they? Pastor Aaron talks about how we should read the book of Proverbs, and unpacks some common misconceptions.

Making the Right Choice

Proverbs 8–9 • November 4, 2018 • Pastor Aaron Groat

Proverbs 8 and 9 finish setting the stage for the remainder of the book of Proverbs. In these two chapters we see that wisdom is a lifelong pursuit -- we are either gaining wisdom or losing it. Wisdom calls out to us, "Hear instruction and be wise."