Luke Part 4, Joshua Part 2

March 29-April 3

March 29, 2021 • Pastor Zach

This week we are right in middle of The Gospel of Luke in the midst of Jesus' teaching. We will see much about the kingdom of God. In Joshua we are hitting the allotment passages: these chapters may seem boring but they are full of excitement and promise, find out why!

2 Chronicles John 16-20

May 31, 2021 • Pastor Zach

2 Chronicles is an epic retelling of the book of Kings. It was written after the return from exile reflecting on what went right. What is most notable are the ADDITIONS made to 1&2 Kings. Included in Chronicles are a number of expanded passages recounting the reforms made by various kings. We are wrapping up John focusing on his resurrection and the unique stories brought to us by John.

1 Chronicles, John 13-15

May 24, 2021 • Pastor Zach

Hang in there through these first few chapters of 1 Chronicles. The books 1 and 2 Chronicles are a re-telling of the books of Samuel and Kings but they begin with a lengthy genealogy! In John 12-15 we are in the upper room with Jesus and his disciples. John has the longest record of this time together with intimate details from this final night.

2 Kings, John 9-11

May 17, 2021 • Pastor Zach

This week takes us into 2 Kings. The transfer of power from Elijah to Elisha and the downfall of both Israel and Judah. John 9-11 takes us through more of Jesus' I AM statements and brings us to one of the clearest demonstrations of Jesus' power prior to the cross: Lazarus' resurrection.