Day 128 - Read Revelation 6-8

April 10, 2024 • Revelation 6—8

John saw seven seals depicting the end times. The seals represented stages of the rapture and tribulation. The vision included the story of God saving a remnant of Israel and a great number of people who placed their faith in Him. He saved them from the great tribulation and everlasting punishment. They would hunger and thirst no more. Then an angel used a censer to throw fire on the earth causing thunder, lightning, and an earthquake. There were seven angels with trumpets. As each of the first four angels blew the trumpets, the earth and its inhabitants experienced great destruction. John saw an eagle flying over him and crying loudly lamenting at the coming destruction following the blowing of the remaining three trumpets.

Day 35 - Read Exodus 11

May 28, 2024 • Exodus 11

The people of Egypt recognized God’s work through Moses and Aaron. They gave silver and gold jewelry to the people of Israel, but Pharaoh’s heart was still hardened. He refused to release Israel. God warned of one last plague that would cause Pharaoh to drive Israel from the land of Egypt. The firstborn of all the people and beasts would die, but Israel would not be touched. God told Moses that Pharaoh would not listen to this warning and God’s wonder would be multiplied in the land of Egypt. Moses and Aaron remained faithful to God’s commands, but Pharaoh’s heart remained hardened, and he did not let God’s people go.

Day 34 - Read Exodus 9-10

May 27, 2024 • Exodus 9—10

Pharaoh’s heart continued to be hardened. God plagued the Egyptian livestock and all their livestock died. God plagued Egypt with sores (boils) on man and beast. Then God plagued Egypt with hail. Pharaoh said he would let the people go, but he changed his mind again when God stopped the hail. God plagued the Egyptians with locusts. Pharaoh pretended again that he would let the people go, but he didn’t, so God plagued Egypt with darkness. Pharaoh said they could go, but without their livestock. Moses insisted they be released and take their livestock as well. Pharaoh told Moses to leave and never present himself to Pharaoh again, or Moses would die. Moses stated he would not return to Pharaoh again.

Day 33 - Read Exodus 7-8

May 26, 2024 • Exodus 7—8

Moses and Aaron asked Pharaoh to let all of Israel go to sacrifice to the Lord. Pharaoh refused and ordered his taskmasters not to give the people straw to make bricks. Instead, they would have to continue making brick at the same rate and gather straw for themselves. The people were angry with Moses and Aaron. Moses sought the Lord, and the Lord reassured him that He would bring His people out of Egypt and give them the land that He promised. Moses questioned God again saying the people nor Pharaoh would listen. God sent Moses and Aaron back to Pharaoh and told them to lead His people to the land He promised to give them.