Day 25 - Read Genesis 42-43

May 18, 2024 • Genesis 42—43

Jacob sent his ten oldest sons to Egypt to buy grain. When they arrived, they bowed before Joseph, but did not recognize him. They asked to buy grain. Joseph required one brother to stay and the others to return with Benjamin. Benjamin was Joseph’s only full brother (sons of Jacob and Rachel). Joseph gave them grain, but had the money placed back in their bags to test them. When they returned home, their father feared sending them back with Benjamin, but he eventually agreed. When they returned to Egypt, Joseph sent them to his home where he had a meal prepared. They explained they found the money in their bags. Joseph comforted them and provided them with the meal. Benjamin received five times the food as his brothers.

Day 53 - Read Leviticus 4-5

June 15, 2024 • Leviticus 4—5

The Lord gave instructions for sin offerings. Sacrifices were offered for unintentional sins that became known to the guilty priest, leader, or entire assembly. The priest presented the sacrifice on the guilty party’s behalf. God provided additional instructions for guilt offerings. A person’s guilt was realized, he confessed, and then provided a payment for that sin as instructed by God.

Day 52 - Read Leviticus 1-3

June 14, 2024 • Leviticus 1—3

Leviticus documents the law of the priests. The sacrifices described foreshadow the coming of Christ. Animal sacrifices were required to be without blemish. Burnt offerings were a pleasing aroma to the Lord when offered according to His instructions. God required grain offerings to be presented to Aaron’s sons, and a portion was burned as a memorial on the altar as a pleasing aroma to the Lord. The remaining grain was food for Aaron and his sons. Any baked offering was to be unleavened. Purity was a necessity in all sacrifices to the Lord.

Day 51 - Read Exodus 39-40

June 13, 2024 • Exodus 39—40

The priestly garments were made as directed by the Lord. The skilled workers were careful to complete all that God commanded. The tabernacle was constructed as the Lord commanded, and all pieces were put in place. A cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. The people set out when the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle. They remained when the cloud was not taken up.