Gospel According to Abraham

Series on Generosity

The Gift of True Peace

Genesis 14:17-24 • November 24, 2019 • Jamie Peterson

The Hook and The Nail

Genesis 13:10-13; 14:8-16 • November 17, 2019 • Murray Lee

Is there anything wrong with living comfortably? This is an important question in our context as the economy grows and many are advancing in their careers, which results in promotions and salary increases. Is there any danger in living comfortably? The story of the rescue of Lot tells us that it isn’t easy to live righteously among the wicked, but God is able to rescue his people.

Heaven is Better than Earth

Genesis 13 • November 10, 2019 • Murray Lee

Abram has chosen personal security over following God’s promises and so failed in what God called him to do. Genesis 13 presents us with two very important trials: the trial of failure and the trial of success. We learn about ourselves: t is really easy to let our circumstances take our eyes off of trusting in God’s promises. We learn about God: a relationship with him is greater than anything else in this world.

Generous Worship

Genesis 12 • November 3, 2019 • Murray Lee

God’s generosity must lead to generous worship. Genesis 12 teaches us that we have a remarkably generous God who provided far more than Abraham could imagine. It also points us forward to God’s generous provision of his only Son, Jesus Christ whose sacrificial death becomes the ultimate demonstration of generosity. How then, must we respond? In generous worship.