The Upper Room

Revival Nights

August 14, 2018 • Andre Van Zyl

Pastor Andre shares CAC's new video production on "The New Age" and what God is doing around the world in different ministries and nations. We also receive some fresh and inspiring vision behind what God is doing through "The Upper Room" in Atlanta.

The Battle Dream In You

Revival Nights • August 13, 2018 • Andre Van Zyl

"To conquer the world outside of you, you must first conquer the world inside of you." When God has given you a dream for the future, there is always a battle that takes place within us as we carry that dream until it becomes a reality.

Faith, Senses, and the Unknown

Revival Nights • August 12, 2018 • Andre Van Zyl

Faith is a gift from God. Our senses are also a gift from God. The problem we sometimes encounter however, is when we rely on our senses when we need faith. We do not need faith for things that our senses can tell us, but God is calling us to step outside of the boat and into the unknown like Peter.