Truth in Love

Loving Well Series

August 26, 2018 • Pastor Mark Ivey

Loving others well is one of our most important jobs as Christians. There are more aspects to love however than what we may think of at first glance. Love means putting others first, and their interests above our own. One way this can be shown is through talking about difficult things that are beneficial in the long run, rather than only staying within what we feel comfortable talking about. This week's message is a little weighty, but it is a powerful truth that will influence the way we love and lead both ourselves and others. You are incredibly loved.

Fire of the Altar

Revival Nights • September 16, 2018 • Eddie James

"The fire shall be ever burning upon the altar. It shall never go out." (Leviticus 6:13) This is not only a rule for the Levitical priests back in the Bible, but also an incredibly important and powerful principle for our personal lives.

Overcoming Your Tomb

September 9, 2018 • Pastor Mark Ivey

There are many different specific things we can wrestle with, but regardless of the tomb, there is only solution and that is Jesus. "We need to know what we are dealing with." This Sunday we received a great teaching on some of our specific struggles and how we overcome them.

Out of the Tomb

September 2, 2018 • Pastor LJ Johnson

True freedom is only found in Jesus when we bring Him all of our honesty. We can often find ourselves trying to break free from things by dealing with symptoms rather than addressing the real heart issue. Ask Jesus to reveal to you what is really going on inside and let Him work in you to bring true freedom.