Peace in Mutual Submission

Kingdom Family Series

June 10, 2018 • Pastor Mark Ivey

Culture may have a lot to tell us as far as how people think relationship roles are supposed to play out, but the Bible is always our source of truth and direction. In biblical relationships there are several key factors that must influence our roles such as honor, honesty, and a balanced as well as mutual submission.

A Father's Blessing

Kingdom Family Series • June 17, 2018 • Pastor Mark Ivey

An incredible reminder of the power of words, and the importance of speaking life and blessings over our families and the generations to come.

Opposites Attract

Kingdom Family Series • June 3, 2018 • Pastor Rick Ross

In relationships, people generally believe that opposites attract. This is actually often true, but over time, things that we used to enjoy can begin to make things difficult. While it may be tempting to be upset at external situations, In reality, what often has changed is actually our attitude and perspective. This weeks message is a great word on the importance of having God's heart through every relationship in our lives.

Healthy Boundaries

Kingdom Family Series • May 27, 2018 • Pastor Mark Ivey

Jesus came to give us life and life to the fullest. (John 10:10) One of the ways that this happens is through living within the healthy boundaries that God has set for us. This week we explore some of what that can look like in our families so that we can all live in and see God's best in our homes through the creation of a healthy and life-giving atmosphere.