Is Giving Important?

Next Steps - Part 5

Lj Johnson • E-Course

Unfortunately in our world and throughout history, there are places and people that have misused and abused the generosity of people like you. Does this mean we ignore Jesus’ example of generosity in all things? Not at all. God is extravagantly generous and our generosity is a response and reflection of Him. We are created to live generously with our resources, time, and energy like our Father in Heaven. When we live this way, the world can discover God’s love, trust, and generosity He has for them through your life. - Lj Johnson

Next Steps - Intro

Next Steps - Part 1 • Mark Ivey

We are so glad you’ve decided to take your next steps with Christ Alive Church. Our mission is to see God’s love reach the hearts of all people. There is only one “you” on this entire planet and we believe you have a God-given purpose that He wants to bring to life so others can discover His love. When you and I seek God’s heart, grow individually, and believe for the impossible, we become a family - a church that positively impacts cities and nations. Remember this, healthy people grow, and growing people change. We’re honored we can grow together. - Mark Ivey

What Is Church?

Next Steps - Part 2 • Lj Johnson

How we view and live out God’s definition of church will either hurt the world or bring healing to it. Most people think church is a place we go to a couple times a week. Yes, we should value coming together on a regular basis, but that is not what church is. It’s important we learn to align our view of church with God’s definition, instead of our own. Let's start with understanding this: We are one church of many in God's Kingdom. We live for the Kingdom of Heaven - which means when the church down the street wins, we all win. When we win, all churches win. Simply put, Christ Alive is our church home within this one global family. - Lj Johnson

How Do I Follow Jesus?

Next Steps - Part 3 • Ashton Ivey

The life of discipleship starts with salvation, but our salvation is the launching place of a lifestyle of learning from and following Jesus into the life that He has called us to live. Through loving obedience and submission of all that we are to God, we are invited into a completely new way of living that embraces the gospel of the Kingdom now. - Ashton Ivey