Don't Stay In Line

January 27, 2019 • Pastor Mark Ivey

Mark Ivey shares with us a prophetic dream He had years ago and what God is saying to His sons and daughters concerning freedom. He desires freedom, unity, and righteousness to fill the earth, but it must fill the heart of the believer first. As a church we can't offer the world what we don't have. We must choose purity, honor, and forgiveness in all things.

Prayer Creates Evangelism

January 20, 2019 • Doug Small

A "prayer" is not the same as a "praying people." Doug Small has partnered with and taught people groups all over the world how to become a people of prayer. We are created to be the salt of the earth; bringing flavor and life to every person we come in contact with. This kind of life is founded in prayer: fellowship with God.

Abiding In Prayer

Jesus Showed Us How • January 13, 2019 • Ashton Ivey

When we pray it's important to understand we are in a growing process. As believers, we are designed to bear fruit in every place, season and circumstance for the benefit of those around us. How we carry our hearts and view God as a Father directly influences how we pray. Jesus showed us how to abide in prayer as Heaven's reality comes into ours.

Prayer & Fasting

What is it? • January 6, 2019 • Pastor Mark Ivey

In this sermon, Pastor Mark Ivey helps us better understand what prayer and fasting is, and how it is a crucial part of our lives as believers. It's not about religious tradition. It's all about learning to grow in fellowship with God.