Drawing Near to God through Communion

Drawing Near to God through the Bible

Drawing Near to God Through Gratitude

When Everything Changes… and God calls.

When Everything Changes… for the worse!

Considering the story of David at Ziklag.

When Everything Changes... but I don't want to!

When Everything Changes... what is happening to me?



God at Work

Featuring a Testimony from Shannon Gygel

Jesus and the Storm

Mark 4:35–41

Who are you listening to?

Mark 4:1–34

When Jesus Names You

Mark 3:7–34

Breaking the Law

Mark 2:18–3:6

COVID Encouragement

Psalm 103

Through the Roof

Mark 2:1–12

Jesus the Healer

Mark 1:21–45

The Call of our Lives

Mark 1:16–20

Father's Day

Mark 1:9–13

Good News in the Wilderness

Mark 1:2–8

It's time for some Good News!

Mark 1:1