Armor of God


What does it look like to stand in peace; every day?

October 2, 2022 • Brian Clay

No One Can Take Away What God Has Given You!

September 25, 2022 • Eric Dubach

We are learning how to stand firm against the Devil’s schemes with the Armor of God. The Breastplate of Righteousness keeps our heart safe from the corruption of sin. But because we’re human, we’ve let sin in and it’s caused hurt. Thankfully, God’s forgiveness sets us free again to enjoy our life in Him.

How Is the Belt of Truth Part of My Spiritual Life Style?

September 18, 2022 • Eric Dubach

Now that we know the enemy we’re actually fighting and have the power of God to fight, it’s time to use the tools He’s given us to win. The belt is the first piece you grab, because it’s critical for every other piece you’ll carry. Without the belt, the sword of the Spirit has nowhere to secure itself, the breastplate of righteousness will not stay in place and you’ll quickly grow weary holding the shield of faith. Your belt of Truth is the foundation that all other pieces of armor holds together and functions well. We’ll learn why it’s so important for us to put on the belt of truth and why it’s so important to Satan to keep it off of us.

The Shocking Truth About Who We Are Fighting!

September 11, 2022 • Eric Dubach

It’s one thing to be fully equipped and trained to wage war. It’s another thing to know the enemy you’re fighting. Your skills with the weapons you’re given are only as helpful as your ability to know the way your enemy fights. This week, we will learn how our enemy Satan attacks us. (hint…it’s not how you think.) But, as intimidating as that sounds, you have God’s armor to protect you.

Jesus Is Offering Us Victory Against Spiritual Warfare.

September 4, 2022 • Eric Dubach

Spiritual Warfare is something most of us know little about. For some, we avoid talking about it because that’s for the religious extremists. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, we will have to admit that we feel the conflict, the tension, the pull to go to battle. Jesus is offering us victory as we fully put on His armor.