Christmas Eve

December 24, 2022 • Eric Dubach


December 18, 2022 • Eric Dubach

We love the story of the Magi seeing the Star and coming to worship Jesus. We love that they gave gold, but we can’t say “frankin-sense” the right way and we have no idea what myrrh is. But what we don’t realize is who these Magi were and how they came to know about Jesus. If it wasn’t through their talent of scientific astronomy, they would’ve never seen it. There are things God wants to reveal to us as well, but only through our talent.

Time Makes All the Difference

December 11, 2022 • Eric Dubach • Luke 2

“Time is money”, right? As important as money is in life, what we do with our time is arguably more valuable. With this in mind, it’s not hard to see how God sees time. Is God bound by time? Theologicaly we say no. However, when we look at the birth of Jesus, how time is used makes all the difference. And it does for us as well. In this message, we’ll learn how the follower of Jesus uses their time.


November 27, 2022 • Eric Dubach

Stewardship is a decision to manage the resources we have according to the desires and purposes of God. We do this because we believe He owns it all anyway and has only entrusted them to us. So, when God asks us to be generous to express the love of Jesus to the world, we say “ok” as an act of love to Jesus. Because we have been given abundantly more than we can ask for or imagine. So, out of the overflow, we give!


December 4, 2022 • Eric Dubach

The story of the Shepherds living out in the fields watching their flocks at night is less a story about poor overlooked men being surprised by an angel and his message. It’s far more about what these Shepherds do with the experience that makes it powerful. This message will convince us that the biggest part of God’s will and mission for our lives is to do the very same thing. And we will be encouraged knowing that our voice has massive power in the spiritual world when we speak Jesus in our world. 


November 20, 2022 • Eric Dubach

With Thanksgiving and Christmas only a handful of weeks apart, our culture is saturated with messages of gratitude for what we’ve received and generosity with what we have. To embrace this message means you must be open-handed though. But this is not just cultural, this is biblical. Ephesians tells us that in Christ we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. Are our hands open to these blessings? And Jesus tells us the Father loves a joyful giver who gives freely as there is need. It really is a season of being open-handed.