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Videos To Deeper Your Prayer Life

My House Shall Be Called A House of Prayer - Jim Cymbala

Prayer in your life, and how my run away daughter returned to God. • February 21, 2001 • Jim Cymbala

Jesus said, "my house is a house of prayer." So why are most churches non-praying places? Jim Cymbala shares how his church the Brooklyn Tabernacle became a praying church in New York. He also shares his own journey of having a wayward child, and how God spoke to him through that experience.

Recognizing The Voice of God - Henry Blackaby

We love to pray to God, but are listening to His voice? • April 16, 2012 • Henry Blackaby

Do you hear the voice of God? Dr. Blackaby takes you on a expositional sermon from John 10 that is filled with practical insights and illustrations on the kind of intimacy that makes it possible to recognize God's voice.