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Armor of God - Fred Dickason

How do you apply the Armor of God to your daily life? • May 28, 2014 • Fred Dickason

God has given all believers His Spiritual protection, The Armor of God. Most believers are not putting it on daily. This spiritual armor not only protects our minds, but more importantly is asking God to protect us from the evils of the day and the enemy. Dr. Dickason was the head of the Theology department at Moody Bible Institute for over 20 years.

A Call To Holiness - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

How can we live holy in an evil world? • November 12, 1994 • Nancy Leigh DeMoss

What does it mean to be holy? Why should we be holy? What difference does holiness make in our everyday lives? And what difference could a holy church make in an unholy world? The holiness of God is one of the most magnificent, breathtaking themes in all of Scripture. And the holiness of God's people is one of the greatest needs in the church and in our world today.

Don't Give Up - Chris Hodges

When life gives you reasons to give up, God always gives hope to not give up. • August 2, 2015 • Chris Hodges

Are you in a trial or battle? Is everything in you screaming to run away or give up? God gives his kids dreams to live for, but often in our lives the journey is not as smooth as we would like it. This message will change your life and encourage you and others. All rights belong to church of the highlands.

Forgiving Yourself - R.T. Kendall

Are you filled with fear, doubt, guilt? Have you forgiven yourself? • June 12, 2015 • R.T. Kendall

Have you blown it? Do you live with daily guilt and shame? As humans we are not by no means perfect. We deal with sin on a regular basis. While God always forgives us when we ask Him, we on the other hand try to punish ourselves. Did you know that God wants you to forgive yourself? He wants you to be free and free indeed!

Walking In Victory - JimLogan

Walking in Freedom everyday • Jim Logan

What hinders us from experiencing growth and power in our daily walk with the Lord? Perhaps the real question that should be considered is "what do I do to facilitate Jesus Christ's transforming work in my life?"