The Exclusivity Of The Gospel In Missions

Acts 10:1-9; 23-43

October 18, 2020 • Pastor Ronald H. Gann

In John 10:9; 14:6, Jesus claimed to be the gate, or doorway, to eternal life; the one and only means of entrance by which we, as sheep, can enter the sheep pen of God. To that end, the conversion of Cornelius in Acts 10:1-43 shows us the great lengths that God went to bring the saving gospel to pious Cornelius and his household. This demonstrates conclusively that even religious and honorable people (with no knowledge of Christ) must first hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and then respond to it affirmatively by repenting of their sins and submitting to Christ as Lord and Savior. At BridgeWay, we aim to bring the gospel to the unreached Nomads of Chad, Africa in addition to our neighbors in Southern New Hampshire and beyond.