A Cemetery Of Celebration

2 Timothy 1:10

March 27, 2016 • Pastor Ronald H. Gann

Through a relationship with Christ, we have hope for life when life on Earth is done. A life free of pain, sickness, suffering, and evil. A life spent in the presence of God and His Son for all eternity.

We have the hope of glory. We have the hope that mistakes and sins can be forgiven. We have the hope that we can have joy, peace, assurance, and security in the midst of the despair of this age. We have the hope that Christ is coming soon—what the Scriptures call our “the blessed hope.” We have the hope that there will come someday a new heaven and a new earth, and that the Kingdom of God will reign and triumph. Our hope is not in our own ability, or in our goodness, or in our physical strength. Our hope is instilled in us by the resurrection of Christ.

In this collection of holiday sermons, Pastor Ronald H. Gann looks at the accounts of Christmas and Easter and expounds upon what each holiday means to those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ.