The Shepherd Of Christmas

Luke 2:8-20

December 22, 2013 • Pastor Ronald H. Gann

Imagine you lived in the first century and God appointed you with the responsibility of making the first announcement that the Savior of the world had been born. Who would you choose to tell and why? Wouldn’t it make sense to tell those who had influence over the people? Wouldn’t it make sense to declare the birth of the Messiah to those who had studied His coming their entire lives? Wouldn’t it make sense to announce his birth to those who had the ability and authority to spread the news throughout the known world?

That would make the most sense—from a human perspective. But God didn’t do that, did He? God’s perspective is often quite different from ours. Instead of announcing the birth of Christ to the powers-that-be God instead chose to entrust the news to a group of lowly shepherds with no social standing and no voice in the community. Why would God do that?

In this collection of holiday sermons, Pastor Ronald H. Gann looks at the accounts of Christmas and Easter and expounds upon what each holiday means to those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ.