Stand Alone Messages


Mother's Day 2017 • May 14, 2017 • Jeff Lynch

Choosing My Cross

Easter 2017 • April 16, 2017 • Jeff Lynch

The Empty Chair

Palm Sunday 2017 • April 9, 2017 • Jeff Lynch

Getting Going

Baptism Sunday • Jeff Lynch

Three simple steps to get going in your faith...

What Happens When I Fast?

Kickoff 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting 2017 • Jeff Lynch

Do This. Remember Me.

Communion Service - September 2016 • September 11, 2016 • Jeff Lynch

A Dad of Destiny

2016 Father's Day message

Listen to this message from Father's Day 2016 to see the main thing you need in order to be the dad that God planned for you to be.

Stepping Out and Stepping Up

June 12, 2016 • Jeff Lynch

Faith requires that we step out, but when we find the courage to step out, God often helps us to step up in our lives. In this message, we see the classic story of Peter walking on the water and how Jesus used that important moment to prepare him to step up.

A Beautiful Mom

Hear from 4 moms about what it means to them to be a mother and how God is working in them through motherhood.

The Antidote to Anxiety

Jeff Lynch

How to find true CONTENTMENT. Based on Philippians 4.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Jeff Lynch

4 very practical steps you can take to make this year the best year yet.

Finding My Life

Jeff Lynch