New Life

Week 8 • August 18, 2019 • Daniel Knutson

A feeling of hopeless and despair can cripple us, especially in the light of the Wildfires we have set in our lives. We feel paralyzed and unable to move toward the better claiming we are unloveable and irreconcilable. But God says different, and He invites you to New Life.

Pride / Humility

Week 7 • August 11, 2019 • Daniel Knutson

Just as pride causes destruction in our lives and relationships, it also gets in the way of our intimacy with God. Learn what it means to be prideful -AND- what to do about it in this week's message.


Week 5 • July 28, 2019 • Daniel Knutson

Religion strives to control someone's behavior before allowing someone to belong. To dictate that in order to belong someone must believe first. This is backward from reality: you won't believe until you belong, and you won't behave until you believe. Let's replace religion with what it is supposed to be: relationship.


Week 4 • July 21, 2019 • Daniel Knutson

We attempt to treat the most intimate act between two people as only an event that has no strings and no baggage. The problem: today will one day be your past and your past will show up in your future. **We had a recording issue this week. Please forgive the audio quality in the online message.**


Week 3 • July 14, 2019 • Daniel Knutson

Desire, when it is inside the correct boundaries, can be a powerful tool to accomplish great things. But when it gets out of control, when it gets twisted, it hurts.


Week 2 • July 7, 2019 • Daniel Knutson

Words left unchecked cause destruction. This goes beyond bad language into our everyday interactions with coworkers, friends, family, and even ourselves. Remember that what we say is always heard by a someone.


Week 1 • June 30, 2019 • Timmy Rotter

Like fire, some things in life that are in check can be beneficial. The influences we allow into our lives and even the influence we have over others can be very helpful and healthy. But, just like fire, influence left unchecked can burn down your life.