How To Be Offended

It’s not whether we will be offended, but when… So how will you be offended?

Becoming A Peacemaker

April 22, 2018 • Michael Curl

Conflict doesn't always directly involve us, but it always impacts us. Can you become a peacemaker in the face of conflict?

Our Helper

The Holy Spirit • April 29, 2018 • Michael Curl

We want to be better, but can't seem to do it on our own. We need help. Addendum from Mike: "I'm not very good with names and periodically my mouth moves to using a name that isn't correct. I did that with Laban, calling him Rebekah's father, instead of her brother. It doesn't change the core purpose of the message: that we need the Holy Spirit! I don't, however, want to let this mistake be a barrier to anyone listening to this message. Rebekah's father is named Bethuel."

Deciding In Advance

April 15, 2018 • Michael Curl

You prepare for everything else...how should you respond to being offended?

Cause For Offense

Where are your sensitivities? • April 8, 2018 • Michael Curl

Offense is coming. Begin to understand why we get offended...