Christmas for Columbia County

A Star Worth Following

December 16, 2018 • Daniel Knutson

We get offended when we aren’t invited to things. On the flip side, if we invite people and no one shows up, we get offended. Meanwhile, the God of the universe came to earth and wasn’t invited to be with His family and was rejected by His people. How would you react? How did Jesus react?

Perfect Timing

December 9, 2018 • Daniel Knutson

Timing is everything. Car breaks down on the way to an important meeting: perfect timing! Kids get sick just before vacation: perfect timing! It seems that life can be full of timings that ruin everything. But what if each and every moment was ordained by God for you to use? How does your view change?

King vs King

December 2, 2018 • Daniel Knutson

We have a tendency to focus on the now. Now likes to bully us into thinking it is more important than forever. It's louder, in your face, and distracting. Later, on the other hand, includes eternity, our Heavenly father, and relationships. There are two kings at war; whose side are you on?

16 and Pregnant

November 25, 2018 • Daniel Knutson

When life brings you the unexpected, how will you respond? This holiday season, commit yourself to releasing control of the things you can't control anyway and turning to Jesus for everything! *No video this week due to a recording issue.