Unhindered Father

June 17, 2018 • Christopher Shoemaker • Unhindered

Fatherhood is not something to be taken lightly. The joy of new life coming can be tempered by the worry and anxiety that you will fail, at some point. The truth is, you're right. But to be an unhindered father doesn't require perfection from you...it requires something else!

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Unhindered Church

June 10, 2018 • Brian Kangas

The church isn't a building or a place. It is a people, gathered together in Jesus's name. What would it take to set that gathering, that "church", loose and unhindered on the world?

Unhindered Family

June 3, 2018 • Michael Curl

Families can be hard. Filled with dysfunction and fighting they can seem so undesirable, but we yearn for them like almost nothing else. What inside of us desires to be part of a family and what does a perfect, unhindered family look like?

Unhindered Resurrection

Baptism • May 20, 2018 • Brian Kangas

What is hindering the great life you seek? The ideal life that you're missing...who is in the way?