The Church: God Sends

February 11, 2016 • Aaron Currin

Aaron wraps up the doctrine study with the history, nature, and purpose of the church, both universal and local.

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The Gospel: God Saves

February 4, 2016 • Aaron Currin

Aaron tackles the doctrine of soteriology and the topics of predestination, regeneration, and the order of salvation in part 3 of the series on doctrine.

The Trinity: God is

January 28, 2016 • Aaron Currin

Aaron journeys through the reality, nature, and essence of God, explaining the Trinitarian relationship Biblically and historically.

The Bible: God Speaks

January 21, 2016 • Aaron Currin

Pastor Aaron begins the 4 week sub-series entitled "Doctrine" by exploring the history, nature, defense, and design of the Bible.