What Is the Gospel?

This Changes Everything

The Gospel Changes the World

September 4, 2022 • Jay Thomas • Ephesians 2:1–10

We conclude our series, What is the Gospel?, this week. So, don't go out of town! In our final message, we will consider how the Gospel itself not only changes our lives by salvation in Christ, but it also calls us to a mission to make Christ known. There are three primary ways Christ is made known in light of the Gospel: evangelism, cultural renewal, and cultural healing. Here is the big caveat: all of those are really important parts of the Gospel Mission AND they usually take place without a lot of fanfare. Often, this part of the story is explained as a call to something big, fast, and famous. That is not how God works, most of the time. The mission of God is very ordinary; very attainable; does not require superstars. God has called regular "Joes" and "Joannas" like you and me.

The Gospel Changes Us

August 28, 2022 • Jay Thomas

Last week we defined the Gospel as "The declaration of Good News that the Triune God saves His people through Mercy and Judgment for His glory." That was important to nail down, but as that sentenced teaches, there are results of this gospel. People are actually saved. Mercy and judgment are actually shown. God is actually glorified. So, for the next two weeks we will look at the essential fruit of the Gospel. This week we will discuss the process of salvation, sanctification, and the work of God to create a new people, not just a new individual. The following week we will look at the essential fruit of our mission to the world as God's people.

What Is the Gospel? (Part 1)

August 21, 2022 • Jay Thomas • Romans 1:1–17

Is the Gospel about transforming society? Is the Gospel about community? Is the Gospel the plan of salvation? Is the Gospel the whole story of the Bible? Which Christian traditions or denominations have the best understanding of the Gospel? What is the Gospel? For the next three Sundays, we are going to look at the Bible and find out what the Bible means by Gospel, or "Good News". Then, we will look at what flows from the Gospel. Sometimes we confuse the two. Both are important. But, the basis of all that is good, true, and beautiful is the Biblical Gospel and we will seek to get clarity on that word, that truth, and its impact on our lives.