Prayer That Transforms the Church and the World

The Cry for Mission

November 6, 2022 • Jay Thomas • Revelation 22:6–21

Last week, Pastor Roddy showed us that we must pray for God's will to be revealed, God's name to be glorified, and that we should pray for our ultimate good - which is to know God Himself intimately. This week we will glean from the book of Revelation that a cry for Jesus to return must involve our deep prayers for Jesus to fulfill his global mission to save his people. Mission and prayer for Christ to return go hand-in-hand.

Come, Lord Jesus

October 30, 2022 • Roddy Dinsmore • Revelation 22:20

The final prayer in the Bible is one that points to the culmination of all things. It is one of the main cries of the entire Bible narrative yet is often ignored by Christians in their private and corporate lives. Join us as we delve into this brief prayer and learn some guiding principles while being challenged to long more and more for Christ's return.