Drs. Cristy & Branson Page

Physicians in Chapel Hill

April 1, 2020 • Roddy Dinsmore

Welcome to the second episode of a NEW monthly podcast, Work Matters. We have incredible people in our CHBC family doing incredible things, and this podcast explores how the kingdom of God is being grown and shaped through their vocations. We hope that each episode encourages and challenges you to identify how God can use YOU through your work to make His kingdom known. In this episode, Pastor Roddy interviews members Drs. Cristy and Branson Page as they share some of their experience on the frontlines of preparing and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Work Matters is a monthly podcast from Chapel Hill Bible Church hosted by Pastor Rodrigo Dinsmore. Each episode, we discover how the Kingdom of God is grown and shaped through the vocations of members at CHBC.

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Ian Howes

CFO at Accelerator Life Science Partners, Managing Director at Anago Accelerator, Chairman at Agape • January 6, 2021 • Roddy Dinsmore

This month's Work Matters podcast features Ian Howes - a long-time member of CHBC and has a passion for using business as a tool to bless others, both in word and in deed. His extensive business background and passion for reaching the lost with the gospel have led him to delve into the world of Business as Mission (also known as Business for Transformation). He has helped entrepreneurs and business owners in China and Bangladesh and is in the process of launching a business in Durham which employs at-risk youth. If you are interested in joining a weekly call for CHBC business owners and entrepreneurs, please contact Ian at ian.howes@anagoaccelerator.com.

Amy Huffman

Digital Inclusion & Policy Manager @ Broadband Infrastructure in NC Department of Info Technology • December 1, 2020 • Roddy Dinsmore

Access and engagement to online resources has proven to be a critical factor in helping families and individuals connected with resources available to them. This necessity for connection to information has become even more crucial during this COVID season. This month's "Work Matters" podcast features Amy Huffman whose work is precisely to help people in North Carolina engage with online resources. Listen/watch as Amy shares why her work matters and how she has grown to better serve and love her co-workers as she has grown in her faith.

Andrew White

Missionary Partner with Cru City • November 3, 2020 • Roddy Dinsmore

In this month's Work Matters podcast, Pastor Rodrigo interviews Andrew White, CHBC Missionary with Cru City, as he discusses Jesus' call to love the poor and marginalized in our communities.