A Storm On a Lake and In a Soul

August 29, 2021 • Jay Thomas • Luke 8:22–39

Fear management is a massive part of being emotionally healthy. Think about how many feelings and decisions you make out of fear. We talk a lot about anxiety right now, and things like intimidation of those with power, hopelessness, depression, and the like. These can be very helpful and descriptive terms. And yet, at the base of much of these feelings and experiences is FEAR. Luke calls out this emotion twice in this section of Luke 8 and helps us understand what to do with that fear.

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God, Money, and Our Hearts

January 23, 2022 • Jay Thomas • Luke 16

Uh oh - we are going to talk about money! But hold on, you should come. Jesus brings it up, not Pastor Jay. So, Jay's just following Jesus ;-) Seriously, the next chapter in Luke is all about money. Yes, there are some very hard and convicting things Jesus is going to say, but if we trust him and follow him in taking up crosses and renouncing self when it comes to money (which is about power, comfort, choice, safety, and security), I promise you that you will actually find those things… in Jesus and the life he provides through His Lordship. What a beautiful truth - Jesus is Lord and money is not.

Reckless Grace

January 16, 2022 • Jay Thomas • Luke 15

As we saw last week, following Jesus is the narrow pathway. It requires carrying a cross and renouncing our life. But, the King is worth it. He is the King who offers us Sonship, the inheritance the kingdom, and most importantly, His love. In Luke 15 Jesus rebukes but also encourages us with three parables of something lost, something found, and great rejoicing. This gospel is so countercultural and so beautiful!

The Burden of Following Jesus

January 9, 2022 • Jay Thomas • Luke 14:25–35

We begin the year in Luke 14:25-35 with Jesus taking the mic and telling a big crowd, and us, what it really means to follow the Savior. Real discipleship is a burden! Welcome to 2022! But, if you want joy and peace and truth, then this real discipleship is what we have to accept. This is the real discipleship of renouncing our lives so that Christ can be formed in us.