Cloud of Witnesses (Part 4)

Amanda Berry Smith: Proclaiming Christ In Word & Deed

February 19, 2021 • Matt Gilleskie

Amanda Berry Smith emerged from slavery and great hardship eager to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. She traveled to Britain, India, and Liberia to do just this: she worked with and supported churches, all the while proclaiming Christ to all who would listen. She later founded the first orphanage for black children in Illinois, funding it partially out of her own pocket. In word, Smith proclaimed true religion; in deed, she exemplified it. For further reading… - "An Autobiography: The Story of the Lord’s Dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith the Colored Evangelist," Amanda Berry Smith [https://www.amazon.com/Autobiography-Dealings-Evangelist-Schomburg-Nineteenth-Century/dp/0195052617] - Jasmine Holmes is an author and educator. She is writing a book on the lives of a few remarkable Christian, black women that is coming out in the fall. It has been announced only informally and I can’t find its title, but you can check out her work at her personal website/blog [https://jasminelholmes.com], or see her most recent book project, "Mother to Son: Letters to a Black Boy on Identity and Hope." [https://mothertosonbook.com] Have questions or ideas for a future episode? Email them to bespoken@biblechurch.org. Bespoken is a weekly podcast by Pastors, Jay Thomas and Ryan McKee. Each week we cover spiritual topics and issues that will help you grow closer to God and deeper in Christ.